Wednesday, April 20, 2011


By Pastor Bruce Oyen

     We used to live in Miles City, Montana. One day, I went on my normal walk before breakfast. On the way back, a man was coming my way on the sidewalk, returning home from his walk. We previously had crossed paths many times.  
    I decided it was time to speak to this man about becoming a Christian, though I had no idea if he was a Christian or not. One other time an attempt was made to speak to him about this important subject, but got nowhere. He was standing in front of his house, and I walked up to him and asked if I could speak to him about an important subject. Without hesitation he said, "No!" So, the matter was dropped for another time.
     That day was that time. When we got close to one another, we exchanged our normal greetings. But this time I stopped on the sidewalk, and it caused him to do so, too. After a brief comment between us, I used the direct approach. I told him that, though his views on the subject were unknown to me, I wanted him to know  Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. I also told Him Jesus loves Him, and that He would forgive him if he would ask for it.
     What was his reaction? He said, "Huh. I keep my religious views to myself."  Then he quickly walked away.
     I don't know if I planted gospel seed that day, or if I watered what had been previously planted. But I do know we must make an attempt to reach others with the Gospel, if we want to win them to Christ. And I do know we must not wait for ideal situations before we make an attempt to give out the Gospel. Sometimes, it means stopping someone on the sidewalk. You might like to know that this man seemed friendlier to me after that event than he had been before. Why? I don't know.
     You, too, can tell others the Lord died to save them, that he loves them and will forgive them if they ask Him to do so. He wants to save every person who is not yet saved, and He wants to use us to get the Gospel to them.
     Maybe you feel inadequate about speaking to someone about their need for Christ, especially about using so direct an approach as the one referred to above. If so, give them a Gospel tract. It will do the talking for you. I like to hand out Robert Ford Porter's tract, "God's Simple Plan Of Salvation." To order this tract, go to go to: To down load a free copy, click on "On-Line e Tracts." Another way to reach others with the Gospel is to invite them to attend church with you. A good church will give out the Gospel in music and in sermons.

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