Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You might like these quotes from Woodrow Kroll's book, TAKING BACK THE GOOD BOOK. It is very good. The chapters are short, so it doesn't take long to read the book.
"If he (Satan) can make the Bible a stranger to our pulpits and induce us to relegate God's truth to a place of unimportance, he knows we don't have to deny the Bible. In effect we already have denied it by marginalizing its influence in our lives."

"A major player in the recovery of Bible literacy in America is the local church. If the church is blind to the extent of its Bible illiteracy, if the church cannot honestly detect the cancer eating away at its foundation, then the foundation will be destroyed ( Ps. 11:3)."

Concerning this book, I say, Get it! Read it! Apply it! Share it!

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