Wednesday, May 4, 2011


By Pastor Bruce Oyen
Grace Baptist Church
Rochester, WA

      F. B. Meyer was a Bible-believing Baptist preacher and author who was a contemporary of C. H. Spurgeon, though he outlived Spurgeon by several years. Fortunately for the world, many of Meyer's books are still in print. I have read a number of them with great profit. Presently, I am preaching expositorily through First Peter, and have benefited from re-reading his exposition of this letter of Peter. His book is called "Tried By Fire," and is filled with interpretation and application. In typical Meyer fashion, the book is relatively short and to the point.
      Here is the last paragraph of chapter 9 in this book, in which Meyer expounded on the closing verses of First Peter, chapter one, which are about the Word of God. Meyer wrote: "That the Bible is amongst us today -- in spite of all that has been done to destroy it, by fire, and search, and sword -- attests the fact that there are properties in it which divide it by an impassable chasm from all books beside. It is clearly true of all Scripture words, that they 'are spirit and life,' and can never pass away; and that not one jot or tittle shall fail. And this fact that the Bible lives and abides, notwithstanding all that has been done against it, proves that it possesses something of the life of the eternal and infinite God. God is manifestly in this Book, as of old in the acacia bush of the desert; or as natural life burns like a tiny spark within each seed falling down the bank. The persistence of the Book proves God to be in it. And therefore it is God's life which enters dead human souls through the Word and makes them live. The life which is thus begotten in them is infinite and eternal as Himself. And, being so, it lifts its possessors above the time-sphere into the very realm of heaven, and enables them to love, not with the poor faltering love of man, but with the royal, pure, unfeigned, blessed love, which is the very soul of the life of God Himself."
    Let all Bible-believers say a hearty "AMEN!" to Meyer's statements about the Bible.

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