Friday, May 13, 2011


       Here is a great statement by F. B. Meyer on the content of sermons. It is taken from his expositions of Peter's first letter or epistle. The book of expositions is called "TRIED BY FIRE." The quote is taken from what Meyer said on First Peter 2:1 - 3.
       Meyer said:  "Oh, well would it be if we were to minister to the regenerated spirits around us more of the pure and unadulterated Word of God! It is this which they really need. They may be attracted and pleased for a time by flowers of rhetoric and the dazzling glow of eloquence; but they will not be satisfied with these things. Underneath all there will be a greater hunger for the sincere milk of the Word. And when that Word is presented in all its fullness and simplicity, eager appetites will gather around as bees attracted by the flower- gardens, or the fragrant growth of the heather. 'Before conversion, wit or eloquence may draw a man to the Word, and possibly prove a happy bait to catch him; but when once he is born again then it is the milk itself that he desires.' (Meyer did not say who this quote came from.)
       "And here surely we are taught the reason why so many Christians around us are so puny and stunted in their growth. They are always needing attention, nursing, wheeling about in perambulators, because their teachers have not provided them with the nutriment which they really need. An unsuitable food, however abundant, will soon tell its own tale on the pinched face of a babe, so the sickly condition of so many Christians sets forth a lamentable complaint of the food with which they are supplied. To say nothing of strong meat, they do not even get milk. Hence the Church of God too much resembles the ward of a children's hospital." ("Perambulators" are baby carriages.)
       Perhaps you preachers would enjoy F. B. Meyer's book, "EXPOSITORY PREACHING." It certainly was a blessing to me.

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