Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Life's Pathway"

I hope the following poem will encourage all who read it.
Pastor Bruce Oyen
Grace Baptist Church
Rochester, WA

Life's Pathway
By Ruth Evangeline MacGregor

Sometimes the path God chose for me has led through pleasant ways,
through peaceful valleys, quiet streams, with warm and sunny days.

Sometimes the climb was steep and rough, with darkness overhead;
with chilling winds and falling stones, yet still the path I tread.

I know this path was planned for me according to God's will;
I've trusted him throughout the past, and I will trust him still.

And someday he'll reveal to me the wisdom of his choice.
Then I'll know why this path was best, and praise him and rejoice.


  1. I found a life's Pathway from September 10 002010 while doing volunteer work in a vault in GJ,CO! Ruth if you are interested in a conversation post back to this blog

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