Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Deadly Snakes

By Pastor Bruce Oyen

Two deadly snakes are slithering on the ground.
They want more victims, and don't care where they're found

They will sneak up on you with their awful bite.
It might be in daylight, or in the dark of night.

These snakes look friendly, like a family pet.
But their bite is deadly, as deadly as it can get.

These snakes are booze and gambling, a very dangerous pair.
They can take a good man and leave him in despair.

They can ruin your friendships, and your family, too.
They can ruin your character and leave you feeling blue.

They can give you poverty in place of your wealth.
They can give you misery in place of your health.

They can take your faith and turn it into doubt.
They can take your happiness and turn it inside out.

There are many bad things these two snakes can do.
So, don't let booze and gambling get a bite on you.

Stay a long way from them, though harmless they seem to be.
If you see them, tell them, "Get away from me!"

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