Friday, March 25, 2011


By Pastor Bruce Oyen

May the Lord guide you, and stay right beside you.
May he give you courage when you fear, and let you know he is near.

May he give you wisdom from above, and shower you with his love.
May he your burdens bear, and assure you of his care.

May he your every need meet, and grant you his fellowship sweet.
May he give you strength within, and victory over sin.

May he give you a song in your heart, and may his joy never depart.
May he your grief relieve, and may you his comfort receive.

May he help you his will to do, and grant what is best for you.
May he keep you on the narrow way, and help you not to stray.

May he encourage you if your faith is weak, and help you his face to seek.
May he give you light when the way is dim, and keep you close to him.

Yes, this is my prayer for you. But, would you pray for me, too?
Like you, I have needs of my own. Please bring them before God's throne.

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