Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Believer's Bible Commentary

By Pastor Bruce Oyen

    One of the best best books a Bible student can own is William MacDonald's 1-volume "Believer's Bible Commentary."  MacDonald wrote many books on Biblical subjects, and was a rock-solid believer in all the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, including the Bible's inspiration (divine origin) and its infallibility.  
    Perhaps his most important achievement was the "Believer's Bible Commentary." The book is endorsed by many persons, some of whom are unknown to the public, and some who are well-known to it, such as Warren Wiersbe and John MacArthur.
   This commentary covers the whole Bible. Though, of course, as a 1-volume commentary, it does not turn over every stone in every verse of the Bible like a multi-volume set does. But even so, it is well worth having a copy to use as one studies the Bible.
    MacDonald was what might be called a "classic dispensationalist."  As such, he rightly affirmed belief in the on-going practice of baptism and Lord's supper, in contrast to some dispensationalists, sometimes called "hyper-dispensationalists," who, unfortunately, say one or both of those ordinances is/are not for today. As a classic dispensationalist, he held to distinctives common to dispensationalism. E. g. Christians are not under Old Testament Law, but under New Testament  grace for  daily living. Therefore, we are not  sabbath-keepers. As a classic dispensationalist, MacDonald also believed there is a divine future for the nation of Israel. In other words, he does not think the Christian church has replaced Israel. Rather, God's Old Testament promises to that nation will be fulfilled.
    This commentary is valuable, not just for its theological positions on many points, but also because of its very practical nature. It is filled with what is called "practical theology," something we all need for daily Christian living.
    To take a look-see at this commentary, click on the following link:

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