Thursday, October 20, 2011

C. H. Spurgeon Versus "Lordship Salvation" Preachers

By Pastor Bruce Oyen

   I got this quote of C. H. Spurgeon from a blog entry by Bob Ross of Pilgrim Publications. (I don't remember the blog spot's name.) When I read what CHS said to some in his day, who most likely were ultra-Calvinists or high-Calvinists,  I thought how well it applies to "Lordship salvation" preachers  in our day. Spurgeon's words are in red. He said the following:
   Methinks I see several ministers standing in the way. They are of such high doctrine that they dare not invite a sinner, and they therefore clog the gospel with so many conditions. They will have it that the sinner must feel a certain quantity of experience before he is invited to come, and so they put their sermons up and say, "You are not invited, you are a dead sinner, you must not come; you are not invited; you are a hardened rebel."

  "Stand back," says Christ, "every one of you, though ye be my servants. Let him come, he is willing—stand not in his way." It is a sad thing that Christ's ministers should become the
devil's aiders and abettors, and yet sometimes they are, for when they are telling a sinner how much he must feel, and how much he must know before he comes to Christ, they are virtually rolling big stones in the path, and saying to the willing sinner, "Thou mayest not come."

   In the name of Almighty God, stand back everything this morning that keeps the willing sinner from Christ. Away with you, away with you! Christ sprinkles his blood upon the way, and cries to you, "Vanish, begone! leave the road clear; let him come; stand not in his path; make straight before him his way, level the mountains and fill up the valleys; make straight through the wilderness a highway for him to come, to drink of this water of life freely. 'Let him come.'"
(New Park Street Pulpit, Volume 5, page 438)

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