Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Good Book On Prophecy By John Walvoord

By Pastor Bruce Oyen

   The late Dr. John Walvoord, who was President of Dallas Theological Seminary for many years, wrote many good books on a variety of Biblical subjects. One of them is called, "The Final Drama (14 Keys To Understanding The Prophetic Scriptures)."  I liked the book so well that I have read it twice, and plan soon to preach/teach through it in a series on prophecy. The book is filled with Scripture, well-outlined, and interestingly-written. If you are a dispensationalist, you will like the book. If you are not a dispensationalist, the book might convince you to become one.
   Here is a link to the book, so you can take a look-see at its cover, chapter titles, reviews, etc.

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