Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Points About The Doctrine Of Limited Atonement

   The following statements are from Pastor George Zeller. I think he did a good job of putting into perspective the Calvinistic doctrine that Jesus Christ did not die to save everyone. Here is what George wrote:

If Christ did not die for all, then we don't have good news for all, and Mark 16:15 becomes meaningless ("Preach the gospel to every creature.")
"Perhaps Christ died for you."
"Maybe God so loved you."
"Christ shed His blood for you, perhaps."
"Salvation has been provided for you, maybe."
"Possibly God commendeth His love toward you."
"Hopefully He’s the propitiation for your sins."
"There is a possibility that Christ died as your Substitute."
"I bring you good news, maybe."
"It’s possible that Christ died for you. If you get saved then we know that He did die for you, but if you continue to reject Him then He did not die for you."
"Christ died for you only if you believe that Christ died for you (thus proving you are elect), but if you do not believe this and if you continue in your unbelief until the day you die, then Christ did not die for you."
 Here is a link to George's website: http://middletownbiblechurch.orgIt has hundreds of articles on Biblical subjects.

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