Friday, October 21, 2011

A. C. Gaebelein Opposed A. W. Pink's Calvinism

By Pastor Bruce Oyen

      A. C. Gaebelein was a Bible-believing scholar of the early 20th century who wrote and published  several commentaries on Biblical books, as well as articles and books on the Biblical subjects. A. W. Pink was committed to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, a serious Bible student, and the author of numerous works on Biblical subjects. He lived at the same time as Gaebelein.
     But the two men came to very different conclusions on the subject of God's sovereignty, so much so that it caused a rift between them. The rift was the result of the publication of Pink's book, "The Sovereignty Of God."   I take sides with Gaebelein on this matter.
     I have read Pink's book at least twice. If you get a copy, you need to know that later editions have had the more controversial parts removed from them. But, the other edition is still available. I have read the one with the controversial chapters still in it, and have a copy of a later edition..
     To read A. C. Gaebelein's frank opposition to A. W. Pink's book on the sovereignty of God, click on the following link.  It is found in bold print in the article about the subject. Here is the link:
    To see a photo of Gaebelein, and to read a biographical sketch of his life, click on this link:
    To read Gaebelein's complete commentaries online, as well as some of his other works, click on this link:
    To read a biographical sketch of Pink's life, click on this link:
    Complete biographies have been written about both men. I have read Iain Murray's book about Pink, but have not read a complete biography  about Gaebeleien.

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